Let the Light Lead the Way

Sky Rockets Thru the Night

Sky Rockets Thru the Night


Hidden Fears of Light

I am in a fortress covered with vines the windows are free to see the sunshine the door is within my reach but i dont want to open it the outside is cold but inside the chambers is warm why try to escape into the unknown my soul wants but the heart is sore from wretched love and welcomed misery trapped in my ribs with a broken key from a shattered lock now its lost in the past i present a gift of my future yet must it be unwrapped? Or pass it onto the next victim?

Her Majesty of a Lessor Grace

Her majesty ugly with envy as she eyed her born and dreaded their maturity stabbing her insults at each one lessening the pain for those who’s special yet contine the reign of terror on the most hated of the flock. Not in the most rarity but unusal enough dressed in red and peach in a flock. That one is special she murmured under her garlic breathe used as a peasant to lotion her hairy scaly legs. No more can she reap the shudder of scare til death did she part but her spirit is still near.

Cookies and Cream

The job market is like a flavor that teases the taste of the faithful job seekers.  If only there was a touch screen board available outside the employer’s office to tell us about today’s flavor.  For example, “Today’s special is  cool mango and refreshing green mint w/chip cookies can be a job searcher’s delight.”  Its interesting how you can wait in line for ice cream or ice water and carefully pick your choice, but not so picky in the job market.  I have told my children that the institution of  living is the institution of careful career planning and layout.  I overheard a conversation that a good heart may have less talent than the talent of a bad heart, but the good heart will prevail in dim job search.  Happy job searching and peace!

Childrens’ Table Talk

As parents we find it difficult in these times not to talk about the TIMES, but don’t forget in the mist of the uncertainty there are our children.  Ever heard kids say the REAL things?  Well, my young adults who are working with children mentioned these few comments from daytime campers:

“I wish my parents would ride their bikes to work because it would save $ on gas,”  said the little girl, “I don’t have that much for lunch today because my mommy didn’t go to the grocery store yet,” she continued.  Also, another kid stated “We didn’t have any toilet tissue so we had to use paper towels.”  A little boy raised his hands and mentioned, “My father tries to save $ but he keep buying me toys.”    It’s obvious this child feel guilty about a) the toy, b) his father’s spending, and c) the inability to ease the family’s financial burden.

Overall, kids are most likely financially stressed when they should be enjoying their youthfulness.  Also, they want to find a solution.  As parents we try our darnest to protect our children from the pitfalls of life, but a little warm chocolate or milk with a gentle tuck into bed can keep the child safe and secure.  Oh, and a happy camper.    😉